Laxford Bridge

Laxford Bridge is an important road junction. There is no village here just a bridge and two or three houses. The bridge was built in the 1830’s when the Duke of Sutherland instigated the road building programme. Before this nearly all travel was either by boat or horseback over mountain tracks.

"Laxford Bridge is a good point to start if you wish to cycle or walk South through the heart of the Highlands"

Laxford Bridge, a junction where the road from the south and the other southern gateway Merkland joins the west coast route having followed the wide valleys of Loch Shin, Loch Merkland, Loch More and Lock Stack. Unless the traveller is leaving by this gateway almost on arrival to continue into the heart of Mackay Country join the A838 around the north coast. At the head of the loch lies Laxford Bridge. This is the area of timeless and everlasting changelessness with an enduing agelessness that depicts the Scottish Highlands. Deriving from the Norse for Crossing of the Salmon, Laxford is famous for both its fishing and its diving. The lovely, but short Laxford river is almost completely private, The River Laxford’s length is 5 km (3 miles). A river of the western coastline of Sutherland rises from Loch Stack and flows in a north-westerly direction to empty into Loch Laxford at Laxford Bridge. Within the loch lie many small lochans. The complex structure of rock, the effect of glacation and exposure to the Atlantic gales have fashioned this loch. Loch Laxford got its name from the Norse invaders lax is Norse for salmon and was derived form the Salmon Fjord.

Form Scourie the A894 joins the A836 from Achfary and turns north to Rhiconich the first half mile just north of the Laxford Bridge had been left in its original state as single track but the five miles to Rhiconich and the head of Loch Inchard is double track. At the south end of Loch na Fiacail uncovered when the road was improved shows a geological picture of different layers of rock of how the earth has developed in two hundred million years.

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